David Asher Brook
07 - 29 March 2020



Most of my recent paintings have been done without looking out beyond the canvas. They are a form of practical imagination, in the sense that I ask myself what can be done with these wet and oily pigments onto this given space. An empty white wall can be an exciting place and has many visions to offer.

I enjoy the exploration of building up the artwork through layers and observing and responding to the subtleties that emerge. Often this is based on the fact that a line can be painted in two ways, this being either a painted line or everything painted but a line, with both approaches having quite different outcomes. The second approach I have found more difficult, but more interesting.

Many of these recent works are portrayed as strata and go by the name of topography. I sense that the lateral geometry of these paintings gives a settled composition and offers a number of ways to be read. These panoramic sections are to depict junctions or views through a landscape at different time periods or locations.

I find a tension between figurative and non-representative elements of the work, and I think this is what drives me to paint over the original layer with patterns, as a way of synthesising the two. The subject matter is about time, devotion, nature and connections. I use the figure in my work in the same way that punctuation marks are used to convey meaning to words.

I try to achieve a consistency and uniform weight, giving equal attention to detail in all areas of the work. My goal is to find the point where the scene appears to come together in front of me, with an energy that has a meditative harmony. It is at this point that I think the painting has been hopefully completed. I have understood that there is no magic solution to making art, there is not an approach that will simply work, there is no clear way of seeing the ramifications of decisions until they are actually made. It is this unknowing and discovery that keeps drawing me in.

David Asher Brook, February 2020.

Recently, David Asher Brook has been a finalist in the 2020 John Villiers Art Prize, The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery´s Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, The Alice Prize, The Hornsby Art Prize, and the 2018 NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize.

This is David Asher Brook´s second Solo Exhibition at Artsite Galleries.

Artsite Gallery Exhibition | Gallery.1 | David Asher Brook | Topography | Solo Exhibition | 07 - 29 March 2020.