Gallery Artists and Associates
August - September 2020

Artsite Galleries Exhibition | TAKE AWAY: All Artwork now available takeawy. Order online or browse in person or online. Open Saturday and Sundays or by appointment Monday - Friday | August - September 2020.

Exhibiting Artists include: Bela Ivanyi OAM, Daniel Pata, David Asher Brook, Edith Cowlishaw, Erika Beck, Freda Teamay, Graham Marchant, John Edwards, Judith Trick, Kerry Johns, Kerwayne Berry, Lisa Carrett, Lucinda James, Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano, Mike Buick, Nikki Suebewongpat, Rachael Morris, Ross Skinner, Sarah Dalby, Victoria Peel, Yong Kang Gao.

All Artwork now available: TAKEAWAY
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Appointments can be made directly on 02 80959678 or 02 95199677

Your support of artists at this time is very much appreciated by all.