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Lisa Carrett

Lisa Carrett is a recent graduate of UNSW Art and Design (BFA Honours 2019) and has been a finalist in the 2020 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, the 2020 & 2019 Fishers Ghost Prize, the TWT Excellence Prize (2018) and The Young Archie, AGNSW in 2013.

Lisa Carrett is a young contemporary, Sydney based emerging artist. Born in country Narrabri before moving to Goulburn and later Sydney.

Carrett´s painting practice investigates the duplicity of the Australian home, playfully engaging with composition and colour, Lisa´s work moves between intimate descriptions of a homes exterior and the vast, uncharted territories of the broader Australian landscape.
She seeks to evoke both nostalgia and familiarity; yet, through what Carrett describes as, the uncanny archives, she is simultaneously referencing darker histories.

Private Collections: Australia.

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A Mothers Garden, 2019


Cathcart Street, 2019

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Australian Still Life, 2019