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David Asher Brook

David Asher Brook is a contemporary Sydney artist working in painting, sculpture, mixed media, tapestry and videography. He has been recently selected as a finalist in the 2020 John Villiers Art Prize, The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallerys' Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, The Alice Prize, The Hornsby Art Prize, and the 2018 NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize. His film, Talking Skull, was an official selection for The 2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium in Los Angeles, California. In 2016 David won the Eva Breuer Memorial Art Prize, and has been a four times finalist in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, as well as a finalist in The Blake Prize, Salon de Refuses, Paddington Art Prize and the Brett Whiteley Travelling Artist Scholarship.
2016 Eva Breuer Memorial Art Prize, Moriah Foundation, Sydney, NSW.
2013 Golden Ghetto Award, Galleria Levantina, Venice, Italy.
2010 Oil painting prize, Waverley Art Prize, WWAS, Sydney, NSW.
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Determinism 2018


Field (Outside Ming Tombs), 2018


Shapowei (Xiamen), 2018


View from Overpasss (Dongcheng District)


Tathra (pleinair), 2018


Topography (X) 2018


Children Watching TV


Wallabies (Bird Land Park)


Saturday Night (Klary's)


David and King Saul


Topography XVIII, 2020


Topography XVII, 2020


Figure with Animals, 2020


Topography XIV, 2020


About Time, 2020


Still Life, 2020


Topography XVI, 2020


Topography XV, 2020


Bayes Theorem, 2020

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Topography VIII

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Late Afternoon (Tacoma)

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Two Figures (Me and You), 2019