Judy Trick

Judy Trick, first exhibited with Artsite in 2014 when gallery curators invited her to exhibit in the annual Great Unknown, an exhibition of local under-represented Sydney artists. Since then, Judy has been invited to exhibit regularly with Artsite and is now a member of our represented artist family.

Pre-Covid, Judy Trick was an inveterate traveller, journeying around the globe with pen, pencil, and camera always at hand to record impressions of colour, movement and experience.
She has travelled extensively to both well travelled, and the less travelled, places of Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and Oceania.

A long time resident of Sydney, Judy recently made the move to the South Coast, where she has set up a new studio to concentrate on her painting. The South Coast is an area she has become familiar with over the years, developing relationships with locals and enjoying being part of a smaller community.

In Judy Trick´s work there is a sense of experimentation and repetition in her abstracted shapes and the layered patterning moving across the built up surfaces of her paintings.
The intensity of strong reds, yellows, blues often broken with subtle variations of oranges, purples and a stroke of almost acid green that intensifies the viewers response to her perception of the world as experienced.

In talking about her current work, Judy reminisces on aspects of her travels pre-Covid: the rich warm reds and yellows of Bangkok.. the muted colours of Cambodian waterways... daily boat trips on the Chao Phraya River.. layers of history peeled back... dance.. movement and migration subtly referencing the patina and surface of ancient walls...
Remembering, re-experiencing...

Artist Profile

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2020, 19,18,17,16,15,14         Collector’s Choice, Artsite Galleries, Sydney, NSW
2015, 74     NAS Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW
2015, 14,13,12,11,10,09,08,07,06,05,03,01,00,99,97,96,94, 93,91,90     Annual Exhibition, The King´s School, North Parramatta, NSW
2014           GU14, Artsite Galleries, Sydney, NSW
Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW
2013           Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW
2010           Shoalhaven City Arts Centre, NSW
2009, 07,06,05,03,00         Annual Exhibition, St Joseph’s College, NSW
2007, 04,03,02,00,99         Guesthouse Gallery, Ulladulla, NSW
2006, 05      Balmain Watch House, Balmain,NSW
2003, 02,01,00,99,98,97,96,94,93,92         Annual Exhibition, Hills Grammar, Kenthurst, NSW
2003, 01     Annual Exhibition, Murray Farms School, NSW
2002, 01,99,98,96         Annual Exhibition, Gilroy College, Castle Hill, NSW
2001, 98,92,91              Finalist Exhibition, Hunters Hill Art Award, Sydney, NSW
2001           Tabula Rasa Contemporary Art, Ulladulla, NSW
2000, 98,97     Annual Exhibition, Murray Farms School, Carlingford, Sydney NSW
2000, 97,94,93,92,91,75          Royal Easter Show Art Exhibition, Sydney, NSW
1995           Brooks Centre, Winchester, United Kingdom
1994, 93     Finalist Exhibition, Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney
1993           Old Northern Gallery, Castle Hill, NSW
                    The Lewers Bequest and Regional Gallery, Penrith, NSW
1990, 89     Jan Jones Contemporary Art, Bowral, NSW
1990           Finalist Exhibition Olsen Drawing Prize, Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW
1989           Finalist Exhibition, On This Day Art Award, The Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo, NSW
1988, 84,83,82,80   Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
1982           Finalist Exhibition, Robin Hood Art Prize, Martin Place, Sydney, NSW
1981           Wollongong University Gallery, Wollongong, NSW
1980, 79,77             Finalist Exhibition, Wollongong Art Purchase Prize, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
1980, 79     Blaxland Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1978, 77     Stairs Gallery, Wollongong, NSW
1976, 74     Hogarth Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1976           Macquarie Gallery, Sydney, NSW


2006     Holidays for Couples, Vol 8. No 10 p 141. Graphic Publishing.
2006     Donna Peters My Home Real Homes for Modern Lifestyles (Publication)
2006     Water Views, Vol 1 No 3 pp 12-19
2005     Weekends For Two Magazine Issue 36 pp 88-90. Jamieson Publishing.
2004     Weekends For Two Magazine Issue 34 p 237. Jamieson Publishing.
2003     Weekends For Two Magazine Issue 31 p 90. Jamieson Publishing.
1998     Art and Mind, Joanne Raheb-Mol (Author), Oxford University Press, 1998.

Private Collections

Australia, Great Britain and Internationally.

Awards and Prizes

1998, 91     Hills Grammar Drawing Prize
1996     Eckersley Drawing Prize
1991     Hunters Hill Art Award, Drawing Prize.


King Edward IV School, Southampton, United Kingdom
Ulladulla Guesthouse, Ulladulla, NSW
The King´s School, North Parramatta, NSW
Westmead Children´s Hospital, Parramatta, NSW
Milton Oncology Unit, Milton, NSW

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