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Nikki Suebwongpat

Nikki Suebwongpat is a New Zealand born artist now living and working in Sydney. In 2014, following a career as a chemical engineer, Nikki returned to her first passion (painting) and now divides her time between working as mother, artist and engineer.

Painting in oils, her love of colour and contrast is clear with her often exaggerated, yet at times subdued palette. She uses bold brush strokes to block in shapes and colours to describe form.
Much as Margaret Olley saw her own home as inspiration, Nikki´s still life works are sourced from around her own home surroundings; the naturally accumulated artefacts of living amongst children, cooking utensils, school memorabilia, light sabres, and everyday life graced by a vase of glorious flowers that, like Olley´s fresh cut flowers, whither as Nikki works capturing their life.

Nikki Suebwongpat is also very drawn toward landscape painting.
I am not really a plein-aire painter, although I would like the opportunity and time to paint directly from the landscape, but with current life committments... I take lots of photos and make sketches recording the scene whether suburban or found in nature... inspiration can be found at every opportunity, and I am often seen snapping away on my iPhone when stumbling across a scene or a moment that stops me in my tracks...

Observation of the spontaneous beauty and simplicity found in the every day, informs both her still life and her landscape painting, such that the reality of the scene, as seen through her painters eye, is paramount to her interpretation.

Private Collections:
Australia, New Zealand, Thailand.

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The turquoise curtain, 2020


A Pot less ordinary, 2020


Anne's Fire Lillies (Clivias) 2018


Between Time (Hydrangea & Glass) 2019


Guest Relations (Hydrangea & Glass) 2019


Not Standing, Running (Fragments) 2019


Through Rose tinted glasses (Hydrangea & Glass) 2019

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Anne's Fire Lillies (Clivias) II 2018

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Seeing you Seeing me (Hydrangea & Glass) 2019