Alannah Grasso

Tortellini II, 2020

Ceramic, wood, 44x44cm. Box Framed (White) size: 45x45cm.
“Each ‘Tortellini’ work has layers of auto-biographical and migratory references, cultural forms, familia re-enactments. Evident in my work is the negotiation between my own body, the material and the process of making. I transform the raw material of clay through durational and serial art strategies often mimicking repeated gestures and processes from traditional ritual making that reference my Italian heritage.These influences are imbedded into tortellini forms that pose questions about the meaning and value of cultural traditions that have been past down through generations. For the form of my tortellini works I use circle which is inspired by Felix-Gonzalez-Torres “ Untitled” ( A couple). For this shape shows the making pasta and how it involves family and coming together, in a culinary tradition. ” ~ Alannah Grasso 2021

Artist Name

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