Christine Druitt-Preston

Olley Land – A lover’s tale, 2019


Lino block print and embroidery on vintage domestic textile

Framed Size: 46x61cm. This work is Framed (White)

“The association between women and embroidery has been of interest to me since the 1980’s when I became interested in the Women’s Movement and read works by Judy Chicago, Rozsika Parker and Miriam Schapiro.
The distinction between “art” and “decorative craft” became increasingly blurred. Today, second-hand shops are filled with embroidered treasures intended to beautify the home that have been discarded. My reworking of these found vintage domestic textiles serves to acknowledge the original makers on whose shoulders I stand, giving them a second life”.
~ Christine Druitt-Preston.

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Dimensions 61 × 46 cm
Artist Name

Christine Druitt-Preston


Mixed Media, Printmaking

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