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May-June 2022 | Erika Cholich


Erika Cholich - Solo Exhibition | 21 May - 12 June 2022 | Artsite Contemporary, Sydney, Australia.
Erika Cholich - Solo Exhibition | 21 May - 12 June 2022 | Artsite Contemporary, Sydney, Australia.
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APRIL 2022 | Kerry Johns continues | John Edwards


John Edwards: Small Hideouts, April 2022, Artsite Contemporary in Gallery only.
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John Edwards: Small Hideouts.
Please note: This exhibition is not available to view online, however we will put up sold works progressively.

These small works are $200 each and only available in Gallery.1 during April and in our stockroom after.

Brilliant, colourful mix and match oil paintings on canvas continuing Edward’s fascination with the travails of Captain Thunderbolt’ and this exploits in northern NSW.

Buy one, buy a dozen – never tiring, always reposition-able.  A bit of fun to brighten up your life.

For those working at home, subject to your accountant’s advice,  a tax deduction could be available for hanging these works in your home office.



Kerry Johns: The ever painted Land. March April 2022 in gallery and online. Artsite Contemporary Australia.
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Kerry Johns’ exhibition continues in Gallery.2  during April 2022. 

Johns is interested in the patterns of nature and in the ways those patterns are simultaneously seen and sensed by the viewer. Her palette is essentially soft with pastels ranging through greys, grey-greens, pale blue, olive and oranges predominating. The pastels are bathed in light and captured the dappled effects of light as it is filtered through the gum trees and other flora of the coastal landscape.

Johns works directly from the motif and uses a mixture of abstract and real forms in her depiction of places visited and loved. This mixture is a reflection of her actual experience of places, in the associated memories that happen after those places are left behind, and in the visual language that she uses to encapsulate her total experience.

~ Peter Haynes, Canberra Times, Art Review, April 23 2018

MARCH 2022 | Mo Orkiszewski | Kerry Johns


Fairfarren | Mo Orkiszewski | Rod Morgan RIP | Gallery_1 | 05-27 March 2022 | Artsite Contemporary, Sydney, Australia
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FEBRUARY 2022 | Christine Druitt Preston


Once in a blue Moon: Christine Druitt Preston | Solo Exhibition | Artsite Contemporary, Sydney Australia. | 05-27 February 2022

Christine Druitt Preston: Once in a blue Moon

05 – 27 February 2022

Christine Druitt Preston
Once in a blue Moon

05 – 27 February 2022

This is Christine Druitt Preston’s first solo exhibition at Artsite Contemporary and a rare opportunity to witness her exploration of drawing, in lino-cut printmaking.

One of the exhibited works, The Chinese screen,  was Highly Commended at the 2021 KAAF Art Prize and received strong praise from Sydney Morning Herald Art critic, John McDonald.

The lino medium encourages artists to do straight lines and blocks but [Druitt Preston’s work] is totally different, McDonald said at the KAAF Award presentation.  She’s added all this grain and has done a free hand drawing. It’s a tremendously expressive work. It goes against anything I think of as lino-cuts.

Oliver Smith, Senior Lecturer at the Sydney College of the Arts and KAAF judge also said, The intensity of the way the lines are operating is like ink painting and sketch... But for that to be translated to lino is remarkable.

In addition to her lino-cut works, Once in a Blue Moon includes mixed media pieces and solar prints. Even with such a variety of mediums, Druitt Preston’s signature approach remains.

Whether making marks with a fine tip pen, manipulating a lino-cutting blade or sewing a line by hand or machine, in my mind I am always drawing.
~ Christine Druitt Preston, 2022.

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